March 21 , 2022

GYLD Founder calls for your participation to WiseDemo Campaign!


On February 25, Mabel Miao, Founder of the Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) Program, Co-founder and Secretary-General of Center for China and Globalization (CCG) introduced the WiseDemo Campaign at the WiseDemo Campaign 2022 Launch Event. She recalled the GYLD program in 2021, and introduced the arrangement and highlights of WiseDemo Campaign this year. The following is an abridged transcript of the speech.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good Evening and good morning.


It is my honor and distinct pleasure to have so many distinguished guests, experts and young people all over the world with us today. Welcome to the WiseDemo Campaign 2022 launch event.


Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) program was launched in 2020 serving as an international public good to the world. It was endorsed by many international leaders. Last year, GYLD had a fruitful year. We held nearly 20 forums, seminars and dialogues, went to 8 provinces even in the pandemic, and welcomed nearly 110 international young professionals in different fields from 54 countries into our family. Even more of an achievement was the reply letter we received from President Xi to who encouraged international young professionals to contribute to the building of a global community with a shared future.


As we all know, our globalized world is facing a number of challenges and problems that transcend national borders. Unprecedented challenges from geopolitical upheavals, environmental and public health crises, and other global issues, the international community would benefit from the innovative power of young people keen on participating in global governance.


This was the impetus for us to launch the GYLD WiseDemo Campaign last year, to encourage young people worldwide to come up with innovative solutions on global issues. You may wonder why we chose the name “WiseDemo”. One source of inspiration was the word “Wisdom”, as we welcome the wisdom of young people. Another concept was that of a “Demo” as these proposals don’t need to be perfect – they can be projects, ideas or initiatives, as long as they are innovative and contribute to better global governance.


This year, the theme of the WiseDemo Campaign is “Wisdom and Power of Youth on Global Development”. Since we think our main priorities in improving global governance is how to speed up the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, how to revitalize the economy and pursue more robust, greener and more balanced global development. Under this theme, we set five topics calling for proposals on poverty reduction and inclusive development, climate change and green development, fighting COVID-19 and public health, driving innovation and the digital economyand open cooperation and interconnectivity.


Now I want to highlight why you should participate even more compared to last year.


First, we will involve senior experts from the very beginning to guide young leaders rather than simply providing comments after the presentations. This will enable our young leaders to obtain valuable input and suggestions during the process. We also have partners to give support using a wide range of resources. I’d like thank both our experts and partners for joining us.


Second, the secretariat has raised some funding for selected proposals to carry out research and improve their projects. The Top 20 proposals will get around 320 USD. And if your proposals are selected to Top 10, you will get around 1,600 USD. The first step is always the hardest and we hope this subsidy, even if it may not be too much, could help you have a easier start.


Third, and most importantly, authors of selected proposals will be invited to present their ideas at the GYLD 2022 Annual Forum, which will be held on Mid of 2022 in Beijing, China. The GYLD Annual Forum 2022 will be a transformative opportunity for 300 young leaders, influencers, and change makers from around the world to come together and shape consensus on emerging issues. You will have the chance to directly engage with world leaders, build networks, and maximize your impact.


Furthermore, CCG’s official special consultative status through the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and its strong relationship with many international organizations means that we also have the possibility of recommending selected proposals to the United Nations and other international organizations. These proposals will also receive long-term attention and support from GYLD in their implementation. This would be a wonderful opportunity to make your dream come true and contribute to global governance.


I’m sure there are many young professionals that can’t wait to participate in our event. Please visit GYLD’s official website www.globalyoungleadersdialogue.com and download the application form. The proposals should be received before March 31. We will coordinate selection, debates, evaluation in due course. We are looking forward to receiving your proposal!


Thank you again to great support of our close partner ACCWS, all experts’ participation, and representatives of WiseDemo Campaign partners from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University and SCOLAR Network, and all the online audience joining us today!

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