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Guiding Principles for Members of GYLD

Jointly initiated by the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) and the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies (ACCWS), the Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) program is a unique communication, education, and professional development platform for young achievers hailing from diverse regional, cultural, and professional backgrounds worldwide. GYLD taps into the world’s various global young leaders platforms and emphasizes such shared values as open and equal dialogue, intellectual exchange, as well as inclusive and mutual learning. The following guidelines aim to better serve the interaction and collaboration among selected young frontrunners.


Mission and Values

Taking up the shared values of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom, GYLD encourages young professionals around the globe to converse and cooperate on universal issues, including comprehensive development, genuine multilateralism, scientific and technological innovation, social exchanges, sustainable growth, and global health. By pooling their wisdom, the program contributes to the community of a shared future for mankind and the upgrading of global governance.


Selection, Rights and Obligations of GYLD Members

The platform welcomes young experts who have achieved the outstanding in various fields; who possess global competence, leadership skills and inspirational gusto; who harbor thriving potential for future development; who are up-and-coming Gen Zs experiencing growth and transformation; who are senior international professionals keeping an eye out for the world’s youth and are willing to voice their aspirations and apprehensions. The GYLD Secretariat is committed to empowering promising go-getters via the establishment of an International Steering Committee and Expert Committee, teaming up with partners from numerous sectors.


I. Qualifications

1. Identify with the mission and values of GYLD;

2. Under 45 years of age;

3. Demonstrate exceptional accomplishments or growth potential in their respective fields;

4. Follow global issues and hold applicable work experience;

5. Demonstrateleadership qualities plus a willingness to undertake public services.


II. Nomination

Nomination and recommendation come courtesy of International Steering Committee or Expert Committee members, relevant partners, and GYLD members.


III. Application process

The GYLD Secretariat will select applicants and nominees based on the aforementioned qualifications while striking a balance between nationality, region, gender and professional background so as to ensure the widest possible representation. The specific process is as follows:

1. Application: Applicants should agree with member rights and obligations as stipulated by these guiding principles, and submit their resumes, two recommendation letters from relevant GYLD staffs or senior professionals in their field, together with other relevant materials, to the secretariat. It is highly recommended for budding applicants to submit their applications in English, with their truthfulness and accuracy guaranteed by the candidate.

2. Primary selection: The GYLD Secretariat will review all materials. Applicants selected will receive an interview notice within two weeks of submission.

3. Interview: The GYLD Secretariat will organize the interview both online and offline. The meeting mainly aims to assess the candidate’s understanding of GYLD values and their views on global governance.

4. Observation period: If the candidate passes the interview, he/shewill receive an email notice from the GYLD Secretariat and subsequently enter a six-month observation period. During this time, the candidate is eligible to participate in GYLD events. The Secretariat will observe the candidate’s participation.

5. Official identification: If the candidate successfully concludes the observation period, he/shewill receive an official email from the GYLD Secretariat, becoming a full member of the program. The new member will then obtain and adhere to the rights and obligations stipulated in these guidelines until their withdrawal or revocation of candidacy.


IV. Rights

1. Priority participation in GYLD events;

2. Access to the Secretariat’s information on working, living and conducting professional activities in China;

3. Media exposure;

4. Tailored personal development guidance from the International Steering Committee and the Expert Committee;

5. Qualification to recommend international young professionals or institutions to participate in GYLD; all final decision rights lie with the GYLD Secretariat.

6. Offering suggestions for GYLD development.


V. Obligations

1. Abide by the laws and regulations of both the People’s Republic of Chinaas well as the country of residence, and maintain responsible conduct when participating in international events;

2. Recognize and adhere tothe GYLD mission and values;

3. Actively participate in GYLD events, contribute to GYLD development, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other members;

4. Authorize the GYLD Secretariat to exclusively use the images and speeches of their participation to promote related events. Members are encouraged to share and promote GYLD contents via their social media or other communication platforms to enhance the program’s international influence.


VI. Membership Withdrawal

1. If selected participants are found to have displayed any form of conduct contradicting the GYLD values and qualifications, the Secretariat will have the right to revoke membership:

2. Material fraud;

3. Violation of laws or commitment of crimes;

4. Improper conduct reflecting negatively on GYLD

5. Participants over the age of 45 will automatically forego their membership. The GYLD Secretariat will decide whether to continue cooperation with affiliates based on compatibility with and contributions to GYLD.


(Please click the link to apply: http://globalyoungleadersdialogue.mikecrm.com/OCuvwSK)