July 14 , 2022

7pm Fri. See You At WiseDemo Campaign 2022 Proposal Presentation


As a crucial part of GYLD events, with the theme of Global Community of Development, GYLD WiseDemo Campaign 2022 aims to engage global youth in global development issues, enhance exchanges and mutual learning, and converge global youth’s insights into building a Global Community of Development. This event is poised to solicit innovative proposals for global development from international young professionals and invites senior and experienced officials, researchers, and professionals from other fields to share their expertise and give guidance on these proposals.


Since the launch of the GYLD WiseDemo Campaign in Feb. 2022, we have received more than 100 proposals proposed by young people from 44 countries, covering 5 topics including poverty reduction and inclusive development, COVID-19 fight and public health, climate change and green development, innovation drive and digital economy, open cooperation, and interconnectivity. At the upcoming GYLD WiseDemo Campaign 2022 Proposal Presentation, the top 10 proposals will be announced and presented.


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