September 18 , 2023

Message from Former President of the Kyrgyz Republic

Ms. Roza Otunbayeva

Former President of the Kyrgyz Republic

This Forum is an incredibly profound and extraordinary initiative! I believe that the Global Young Leaders Dialogue Forum held in Beijing will enable participants to gain a better understanding of China. It will also open the doors of the Chinese youth’s hearts, fostering stronger bonds between us, neighboring countries, and partners. This engagement with the younger generation from both countries will further enhance mutual understanding and trust between our people and governments.

We have all just emerged from the vulnerable world crisis of COVID-19, losing more than six million worldwide. Each year, through the air we breathe, the water that surrounds us, and the produce we eat, we understand that climate change is becoming irreversibly threatening. Due to never-ending wars, inequality between parts of the world grows, as do poverty and misery. All of these problems are on the agenda for young people to take action on today.

Forums like Global Young Leaders are essential to introduce and discuss fresh new ideas for the resolution of these acute problems. Here, young people meet each other, listen to the positions of different countries, and better and more deeply begin to understand that there is only one path for human development in the face of global challenges like climate change, aggressive wars and conflicts: partnership and cooperation; meager peace rather than war; and fair development of peoples and nations based on international law and mutual respect.

We all live on the same planet Earth, in the same global village!

I believe that the Forum of young people in Beijing will allow participants to better know China and will open the door to the hearts of Chinese youth so that we, too, the neighbors and partners of China, will continue to actively strengthen mutual understanding and trust between our peoples and governments, beginning with the young generations of these countries.

What a profound, remarkable initiative! There are not enough of these forums and gatherings during such disquieting times. I wish your forum many years and fruitful work!

Roza Otunbayeva

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