Director of Corporate Affairs, Asia House

Charlie Humphreys

He started his professional career in finance and investment, managing portfolio for investors from Japan, Switzerland and the UK. Subsequently he moved into the social sector, which took him to China to build capacity within the government on social welfare issues. Returning to the UK to study International Political Economy at the London School of Economics, he developed expertise in emerging markets trade issues, international trade negotiations and options for economic mobility for major developing economies.


Charlie joined Asia House in 2010 and leads the business and policy work of the organization, which aims to drive political and economic engagement between Asia and Europe. He manages a team responsible for programming Asia House Business & Policy events with leading business figures, government ministers and leading experts on Asia and also for corporate membership and maintaining relations with Asian and Western governments. Charlie also established Asia House Advisory – a practice to deliver research, advises multinational corporations, governments and other institutions. Charlie regularly speaks at conferences and in the media. He is a member of the Asia House management team and contributes to the strategic direction of the organization.