November 03 , 2021

GYLD China Tour Next Stops – Shanghai and Zhejiang


The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) is scheduled to open on November 5 in Shanghai. During the CIIE, the 4th Hongqiao International Economic Forum, or Hongqiao Forum, will also be held.

From November 4 to 8, the Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) will engage in a series of activities in Shanghai and Zhejiang. It will host a seminar on the role of young professionals in global governance at the sub-forum themed “China’s Modernization and World’s New Opportunity” during the Hongqiao Forum. The GYLD China Tour will take participants of the program to Shanghai and Zhejiang, where they will experience China’s economic development, learn about “common prosperity,” understand China’s global talent policy, and contribute their insights to global governance and global cooperation.


Get close to Shanghai: Explore the role of young professionals in improving global governance at CIIE

During the tour of Shanghai, young professionals will visit the first international community in Shanghai – Gubei community, which gathers the most foreigners in the international metropolis. After it, they will visit the Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Shanghai is the birthplace of China’s “whole-process democracy.” The Gubei civic center is the “base of practicing socialist whole-process democracy with Chinese characteristics.” GYLD participants will have an opportunity to experience grassroots democracy and whole-process democracy in the center. Housing the Hongqiao Foreign Talent Service Center in Gubei community, the civic center offers GYLD participants a peek into local services for foreigners in entry, work and life in Shanghai. Afterwards, they will learn about how Chinese and foreign residents work together to promote community governance and then go to experience Kunqu Opera.

On November 5, the young professionals will visit the world’s first national expo setting focus on imports – the China International Import Expo – and then attend the plenary session of “China’s Modernization and World’s New Opportunity,” a sub-forum of the Hongqiao Forum. The GYLD will hold a seminar on the role of young professionals in global governance at the sub-forum.


West Lake Dialogue: Common prosperity and the contribution of talent from young professionals perspective

Hangzhou boasts time-honored history as a commercial hub. GYLD participants will visit the famous scenic spot of Gushan Mountains, which is known for its rich cultural heritage, in Hangzhou. They will have a chance to experience the art of seal cutting at Xiling Society, the earliest national academic society on seal cutting in China.

On November 7, the 2021 West Lake Dialogue will be held in Hangzhou West Lake Museum, located by the famous West Lake. The GYLD will hold a sub-forum at the 2021 West Lake Dialogue.

“Common prosperity” is a historic task China faces in its new stage of development. Revolving around the topic of “common prosperity and the contribution of talent,” GYLD participants will share their insights with representatives from international organizations in China, multinational corporations, chambers of commerce and scholars at the sub-forum.

As a previous host of the G20 Summit, Hangzhou has been working to build itself into an open and global metropolis by hosting various summits. GYLD participants will visit and exchange views at the former G20 venue in Hangzhou, review the achievements of the G20 Hangzhou Summit, and share their views on the vision of a community with a shared future for humanity.

On November 7, the Hangzhou International Human Resources Exchange and Cooperation Conference will be held in Hangzhou (please check this information). In China’s recent central conference on talent-related work, President Xi Jinping called for efforts to build China into a major global center for professional talent and innovation. In August 2021, President Xi encouraged the CYLD to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning among young people worldwide and contribute to building a community with a shared future for mankind when reply to a letter by CYLD participants.

At the Hangzhou International Human Resources Exchange and Cooperation Conference, GYLD participants will learn about China’s policies to attract global talent. There will also be overseas returnees and foreign professionals attending the conference and interacting with GYLD participants.


Experience Lanxi: Rural Vitalization and High-Quality Development

On November 9, GYLD participants will visit the famous ancient town of Youbu in central Zhejiang to learn about local democratic traditions and the practice of developing tourism to increase people’s incomes.

At the next stop of Zhuge Bagua Village, GYLD participants will have a chance to savor the history of the village as well as ancient architecture at its ancestral temple.

They will then visit the Shangtai business street and learn about local efforts in revitalizing the ancient business street.

In Lanxi, the GYLD will hold a dialogue on “rural vitalization, high-quality development and common prosperity.” GYLD participants will discuss rural vitalization and common prosperity with officials from Lanxi’s Rural Revitalization Bureau and other departments.

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