May 25 , 2023

GYLD in February and March

February 25th – 27th, 2023 Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) China Tour in Xiamen
From February 25th to 27th, the first stop of the GYLD China Tour 2023 arrived in Xiamen, the city of BRICS. Through visits and dialogues, the tour was conducted centering on “Entering the Economic Special Zone, Feeling the Pulse of BRICS”. Dozens of international young professionals from around ten countries learned about the significance of Xiamen as the window of opening-up and the modernization pioneers in China. On top of that, they are also provided with a chance to perceive the contribution of the BRICS cooperation mechanism, as well as new opportunities created by Chinese-style modernization for the world.
March 27, 2023GYLD members participate inthe China-Brazil Dialogue

On March 27, 2023, the China-Brazil Dialogue on Sustainable Development was held in Beijing. More than 100 representatives from Brazilian politics and business, including the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil and Special Advisor for International Relations to the President of Brazil attended the event, meeting with Chinese representatives. Members of the Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) also participated in the discussion.Both sides engaged in in-depth discussions on topics including China-Brazil relations, economic and trade exchanges, agricultural cooperation, green development, and people-to- people exchanges. Carlos Fávaro, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil, expressed that through this visit, he would further enhance friendship with the Chinese people and promote mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Brazil in a range of fields for the benefit of both peoples.
GYLD Members’ Updates
A recent People’s Daily special-page article, “China’s National Two Sessions in the Eyes of Foreign Youth – An Important Window to Observe China’s Development and Progress,” reported on the personal experiences of members Joseph Olivier Mendo’o, Mohammad Saiyedui Islam and Daria Lisaia, who went deep into China’s countryside to research, cover on China’s development and spread Chinese culture.
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Noteworthy International Multilateral Forums in 2023:
– World Economic Forum (16-20 January 2023)The World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2023 was held on the theme, ‘Cooperation in a Fragmented World,’ and convened leaders from the global political, business, academic, and media sectors, focusing on five major topics: how to deal with the food and energy crisis, how to tackle high inflation, low growth and high debt, how to combat the industrial downturn, how to respond to social vulnerability issues, and how to address geopolitical risks.
– Boao Forum for Asia ( March 28-31 2023)The 2023 Boao Forum for Asia was held in Boao, Hainan, with the theme of the annual meeting “An Uncertain World: Solidarity and Cooperation for Development amid Challenges.” This is the first time since the three-year epidemic to resume offline meetings, the meeting focused on Development and inclusiveness, efficiency and security, regional and global, and the present and future. Another focus was on the post-Covid era and deepening cooperation in the international community. Forum Chairman and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon; Chinese Premier Li Qiang and other important guests delivered speeches.
– BRICS Leaders Summit(August 22-24 2023)The theme of the 2023 BRICS Presidency, which South Africa has established, is “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development, and Inclusive Multilateralism”. South African officials have confirmed that all BRICS leaders will attend the 2023 BRICS Summit.
– G20 Summit (September – October 2023)India will take over the presidency in 2023, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an article that the theme of India’s presidency is “One Earth, One Family, One Future”. India has drawn up a list of leaders for the 2023 G20 summit. In addition to the leaders of the 20 full member countries to attend the G20 leaders’ summit, there will be other invited members, such as Bangladesh, Singapore, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Spain, Egypt and Oman of the United Arab Emirates.
– Paris Peace Forum(November 11-13 2023)The Paris Peace Forum is a forum initiated by French President Macron, which aims to promote multilateral cooperation and address global challenges. The Paris Peace Forum aims to develop into a platform for promoting international cooperation, optimizing international governance and upholding multilateralism. Against the backdrop of rising populism, the Paris Peace Forum hopes to convey the message that “the times call for cooperation, dialogue and trust” and to offer concrete solutions to real challenges such as global warming, inequality between rich and poor, armed conflicts, terrorist attacks and the impact of the Internet.The Paris Peace Forum is currently calling for proposals until May 23rd. This year the forum  invite applications on the following 10 themes:

Protecting and preserving our planetBiodiversity: Preserving and protecting forests to achieve climate and biodiversity objectives and implement the COP15 roadmap.Climate: Making carbon offset markets trustworthy and effective.

Critical minerals: Strengthening cooperation across consuming and producing countries around access to critical minerals to enable a just ecological transition.

Building a fairer and more equal worldWomen and agriculture: Supporting women to strengthen agricultural resilience
in a context of food crisis.Sports: Changing social norms by promoting inclusion and sustainability through sports.

Outer Space: Promoting fair access to outer space by the Global South to accelerate SDGs and growth.

Fostering a safer world

Conflict resolution: Building back better after conflict: inclusive and sustainable reconstruction.

Global Health: Exploring the ethics and global governance of genome editing.

Making the digital transformation work for all

Online content: Securing our democratic informational environment.

Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing AI for better public policy.

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