April 25 , 2021

GYLD China Tour – Guizhou: Here is the FAST


China Tour allowed our young participants to explore many interesting locations. The most outstanding experience was visiting FAST, the world’s largest single-dish and most sensitive radio telescope, which is open to global scientists but not to the general public to come in close proximity. Young people had a very rare opportunity to explore the telescope. Among many attractions visited were the National Big Data Comprehensive Trial Zone Exhibition Center, which started a discussion on the importance of technological development and data innovation. Our participants also had the chance to explore the Yunhai Tea Farm at Pingtang county. The beautiful scenery and the authentic experience of being able to interact with the farmers was a very unique opportunity for young leaders. The partakers were given the chance to observe the picking and frying of tea, as well as to taste the natural, fresh brew. This location was picked with the purpose of starting dialogue on green sustainable development and ecological preservation.





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