June 03 , 2021

The Third Stop of the 2021 GYLD China Tour: Sichuan


The third stop of the 2021 GYLD China Tour will start on June 5, 2021. Young people based in China from various countries and backgrounds will travel to Sichuan province. They will visit Chengdu, Deyang, Yibin and Aba for in-depth exchanges with local young people, entrepreneurs, government officials and experts to learn about the traditions and innovations of Bashu culture, as well as the modern interpretation of ancient Chinese view –“harmony between man and nature”.


Learning about ancient Chinese philosophy of harmony between man and nature


Sichuan, famous for its traditional culture and environment, has always enjoyed the reputation of being a “Land of Abundance”. In recent years, Sichuan has been actively promoting the realization of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and has made remarkable achievements in ecological protection and infrastructure construction.


On the Mount Qingcheng, the young people will enjoy mountain scenery and get an insight into the idea of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. They will also learn the traditional Chinese martial arts Taichi and get to know about the “Art of Overcoming Hardness with Softness.” They will visit Dujiangyan Irrigation System to appreciate the traditional Chinese wisdom of exploiting a given situation for all possible favorable factors for one’s benefit, and exploring the harmonious relations between modern cities and nature as well as what the local people have done to promote sustainable development in the new era. They will also have conversations with local people in Yibin to learn about the efforts that China has made to protect the environment.


Exploring a new way of protecting the giant panda


Giant pandas are highly appreciated and cherished by humans across the world; their familiar black and white faces and rounded ears make them especially endearing to children and adults alike. Because of its prominent scientific research value, endangered status, and delightful viewing value, the giant panda is considered a national treasure of China. Though small in number, giant pandas have visited many countries and served as envoys of friendship from China to the world. During the tour, the young people will visit the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to learn about the “giant but friendly” image of China represented by pandas and the development of animal protection in China.


Learning about cutting-edge technology used in archaeology


Recently, some new major discoveries have been made at the legendary Sanxingdui Ruins site in southwest China, suggesting that the area was once home to an unknown civilization whose existence may rewrite the history of China. In this tour, the group will go to the Sanxingdui Museum and have a conversation with experts to learn about high-tech applications in the field of archaeology, and explore the vast importance of Chinese archaeology to the world.


Experiencing diversified urban development and laidback lifestyle


This Sichuan Tour will provide various experience activities for the young professionals to explore the life of local people, learn more about China, and better experience the splendid and time-honored Bashu culture.


They will visit Chengdu, experiencing laidback lifestyle and food culture of the Bashu region, as well as tasting well-known hot pots. They will also communicate with local people in traditional teahouses to appreciate the culture of the ancient Tea Horse Road and foreign trade in ancient China. In Yibin, they will visit the distillery of Wuliangye to experience links between the traditional craftsmanship and the modern technology of Chinese liquor making. They will also learn about various drinking cultures from different countries.


The young people will also visit the Business & Innovation Centre for China-Europe Cooperation (CCEC), a new integrated service platform for China-Europe cooperation, to communicate with young entrepreneurs and leaders on the opportunities and prospects of technological and economic cooperation between China and Europe under the framework of  the Belt and Road Initiative.


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