June 16 , 2021

GYLD China Tours | The third stop: Sichuan


The third stop of the 2021 GYLD China Tours has wrapped up in Sichuan on June 9. 21 young people based in China from 14 countries and various backgrounds traveled to Sichuan province. They visited Chengdu, Deyang, Yibin and Aba for in-depth exchanges with local young people, entrepreneurs, government officials and experts to learn about the traditions and innovations of Bashu culture, as well as the modern interpretation of ancient Chinese view –“harmony between man and nature”.


Vlog 1: Tasting Chengdu’s diversity


Vlog 2: “Emotional trip” in Sichuan


Vlog 3: Meet Sanxingdui, pandas in Sichuan


Vlog 4: From Sichuan, experiencing man-nature harmony

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