May 15 , 2021

Extension of Deadline for Proposals of GYLD WiseDemo Campaign


As an important part of Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD) program, the WiseDemo Campaign calls for proposals from young experts around the world for innovative solutions to today’s global challenges along the areas of focus of GYLD. Top 10 winners will be invited to participate in the Global Young Leaders Dialogue 2021.

In order to gather the wisdom of young experts more comprehensively and extensively, the GYLD Secretariat has decided to extend the deadline of submission date of proposals of WiseDemo Campaign by one month to June 15. We are looking forward to the participation of talented young experts from all over the world.


FAQ of WiseDemo Campaign

Q: What are the topics of the WiseDemo Campaign?

A: The Campaign calls for innovative proposals on topics such as the building of a global community of shared future, inclusive development, technology and innovation, ecological civilisation and environmental protection, culture and education. We have given examples of specific issues that you can choose under these topics, but the proposal you submit does not need to be limited to the example issues, it only needs to belong to one of the five topics.

Q: What are the requirements for the participants of the WiseDemo Campaign?

A: Participants must be under the age of 45 and have their own ideas and understanding to the WiseDemo Campaign.

Q: Are there any requirements for the residence of the participants?

A: There is no requirement, young experts all over the world can participate. Candidates who cannot come to China due to the COVID-19 can introduce your proposal through remote connection or video.

Q: What if the Top 10 winner is not in China from June to July?

A: You can introduce your proposal through remote connection or video.

Q: Do I need to pay for participating in the campaign?

A: There is no fee needed. For authors who can come to Beijing to participate in the Global Young Leaders Dialogue 2021, the organizer will also provide travel subsidies.

Q: What will the Top 10 winners of the WiseDemo Campaign gain?

A: Top 10 winners will be invited to join an elevator pitch session and a poster session held at the GYLD 2021 in which they will present their proposals, and interact with GYLD participants; featured in the media (including social media) at home and abroad; introduced to the GYLD network of young professionals from across the globe; provided with long-term support and attention from the GYLD Program, and recommended to other international platform, so as to promote the policy transformation and implementation of innovative proposals. In addition, the Top 10 Winners will be invited to participate in the China and Globalization Forum, which is the largest annual brand event of CCG.

Q: How to submit a proposal?

A: You can click the link (https://forms.gle/8mXAt9U1W9YEpeKRA) to fill in the form and submit it or go to the bottom of the page (http://www.globalyoungleadersdialogue.com/gjqnzhxd) to download the “WiseDemo Campaign Application Form” and send it to gyld@ccg.org.cn.

Q: Can we submit proposals in the form of a team?

A: You can prepare the proposal in the form of a team, but please select a leader and fill in only his information on the form.

Q: Must the innovation proposal be written in English?

A: Yes, the proposal will be selected by international experts. The working language is English.

Q: When is the deadline for submitting the proposals?

A: June 15th.

Q: When will the selection result of the top 10 winners be announced?

A: The selection results will be announced in early July.

Q: I want to learn more about the background or information about the Global Young Leaders Dialogue. How can I get it?

A: Please click www.globalyoungleadersdialogue.com

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